About me

My name is Grace, I’m 26 years old from Belgium and I have been traveling and living abroad for the past 3 years. And I have decided to settle down in Australia for the next 5 years.

As a result, after my 2 years on a working holiday visa, I am now studying Hospitality Management in Cairns.

During my WHV, I have worked for a hostel chain called Mad Monkey Backpackers Group for about 2 years. I started in Sydney as a cleaner and got multiple opportunities to grow in the company throughout those 2 years. And finally, I ended up working in Cairns for 18 months primarily as Events Manager.

I moved to Gold Coast in January but due to the ongoing pandemic, I decided to go back to Cairns where my friends are and where I could get some moral support.

I hope you will enjoy the content I propose here. Make sure to subscribe to the Newsletter and follow me on Instagram! If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to DM me on Instagram.

Love, Grace.